The Spanish Oaks Ranch is located approximately 2 hours west of San Antonio, TX. Nestled on the outskirts of the Texas Hill Country. Junction, Texas was named for its location where the North and South Llano rivers meet. Junction is also known as " The land of Living Waters," because there is more flowing water in Junction and Kimble county than any other county in Texas.  The Spanish Oaks Ranch is known for the vast amounts of Oak species growing wildly on the ranch much including the Spanish Oak. The ranch is owned and operated by Robert & Cassie Vanderford who are not natives of Junction but definitely have their eyes set upon retiring their roots there someday.

Owning ranch property was always a dream of Robert and Cassie's and the Spanish Oaks Ranch is there very own slice of heaven. The ranch encompasses four large pastures, two seasonal creeks, a large pond and 25 mile views enough to make your heart skip a beat. 

The cattle operation was a present for Cassie's 40th Birthday. They together purchased two cows and skip forward a few years have a herd larger than they could of imagined. Robert has become a little obsessed and addicted to the breed. He spends much of his time researching different genetics and bloodlines. He loves to meticulously search the internet and his magazines for his next prospects. Together as a family there is nothing more enjoyable than watching these incredible creatures move about the pasture. Its a wonderful hobby and a joyful addiction for the Vanderford family.

If you are interested in visiting our herd or would just like to call and talk about Longhorns we'd love to chat with you!
The Vanderford's 
Spanish Oaks Ranch